Action Plan 2017

  • Arctic Science Summit Week 2017 (March 31 – April 7, Prague):, panel “Security and Governance in a Global Arctic” organized by TN, and two panels organized by Rasmus Bertelsen and Barbora Padrtová;

  • Annual conference of American Geographers (April 6–10, Boston) with a session on the Arctic, and a TN workshop at University of Boston organized by Michael Corgan (tbc);

  • Climate Change and Governance in the Arctic Region workshop (April 13–14, Los Angeles) organized by USC and Stephen Lamy;

  • Calotte Academy 2017 (June 1–11 in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia): (in conjunction with ICASS) (see the First Call for Papers);

  • International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (June 8–12, Umeå, Sweden; where Calotte Academy panels will be organized by the TN;

  • High Altitudes Meet High Latitudes: Globalizing Polar Issues conference (September 11–12, Valais, Switzerland; with four Round-tables on Security and Risk management (by Lassi Heininen), Arctic Resources (by Matthias Finger), Infrastructures (by Ksenia Tatarchenko), and Awareness (by Marina Kalinina), organized by Swiss Polar Institute in cooperation with several organizations incl. the GlobalArctic Project and UArctic;

  • 5th Arctic Circle Assembly (October 13–15, Reykjavík): – TN will propose a panel on Arctic Security with 2-3 sessions and that on the GlobalArctic with 2-3 sessions;

  • Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference (October 14–16, Rovaniemi, Finland; in conjunction with the Polar Law Symposium;

  • Model Arctic Council, an international simulation of the meetings of the AC (October 24-26, Oulu): International workshop on the Global Arctic (early December, Lisbon, Portugal) organized by University of Lisbon, and Mario Pontes and Sandra Balao (tbc).