Action Plan 2019

  • The Arctic – a Territory of Dialogue” conference (9-10 April, St. Petersburg);

  • Launch of the Analysis & Synthesis Report on Arctic Policies & Strategies by AFI/IIASA back-to-back to Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council (6 May in Rovaniemi): presented by L. Heininen, K. Everett and B. Pardtova;

  • ISSK’19 “Northern Securities” (13-17 May in Petrozavodsk, Russia). ISSK is a meeting-point for Russian, and Finnish, as well as other Nordic and European, university students with a focus on European, Russian and Arctic/Northern studies: among lecturers L. Heininen, H.Salonen, G.Zojer - Call:
    Deadline: March 25. Application link:

  • Arctic Fisheries, Polar Silk Road, and Sustainable Development Practices“ – 7thCNARC symposium (14-15 May, Shanghai) - Call for Papers:

  • Arctic Science Summit Week 2019 (22-30 May in Arkangelsk, Russia). Thematic focus of the summit in 2019 is “Climate Change and Development of the Arctic Population”. The main venues for the event are the Northern Arctic Federal University and the Northern State Medical University – link:;

  • Calotte Academy 2019 “Future Arctic Societies: Scenarios, Innovations, Best Practices & Actors” (2-9 June in Finland, Norway, Russia and Sapmi). The annual travelling symposium in the European Arctic: Apatity (Russia) Inari and Hetta (Finland); Kautokeino (Norway). Official website (incl. Call for Papers and Online application form):;

  • IPSA (26-29 June in Montreal, Canada);

  • 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations (11-14 Sept 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria): a TN panel on 'Power and Authority in Polar and Ocean Governance' (organized by S. Knecht);

  • Arctic Circle Assembly 2019 (11-13 October in Reykjavík, Iceland: TN will propose a panel on Arctic Security and GlobalArctic with 2-3 sessions each – link: ,;

  • The ASEEES Convention (23-26 November in San Francisco, California): a TN panel on Russian environment and Arctic issues (organized by H. Salonen);

  • Foreign- and Security Politics in the Arctic workshop. Greenland Week of Science (29 Nov. – 6 Dec., Nuuk, Greenland);

  • Lisbon Seminar, an international seminar on the global Arctic (12-13 December in Lisbon, Portugal, at University of Lisbon) (organized by M. Pontes and S. Balao).