Action Plan 2023

  • TN Steering Group meeting for evaluation & brainstorming the TN actions & governance starts its work (online meetings) in February.
  • TN on Geopolitics and Security aims to organize, in cooperation with Arctic Yearbook, a session “Expertise & dialogue for knowledge-building, and knowledge for governance and diplomacyat the Arctic Circle Japan Forum, in March 4-6, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan.
  • A brainstorming discussion on TN on Geopolitics and Security in general and its aims, activities, methods, governance & fund raising is planned to be run in spring.
  • UArctic TN leaders meeting will take place in 26-27 April 2023 in Rovaniemi.
  • The 2023 Calotte Academy, with the title Non-state Arctic actors and circumpolar regionalization, is planned to take place in 11-18 June 2023 in Sapmi, the European Arctic. Its sessions & excursions are planned to be organized in Kiruna & Abisko, Alta, Kautokeino & Kirkenes, and Rovaniemi & Inari (see The deadline for application is 17 April
  • TN closed panel proposal “The Arctic region between peace and war. A tragedy in the making(?)” (by Sandra Balao) for IPSA Conference 2023 in 15-19 July 2023 in Buenos Aires.
  • Arctic Circle Assembly will take place in 19-22 October 2023 in Reykjavik. TN aims first, to propose 2-3 thematic sessions - deadline for session proposals 1 May -; and second, organize a TN members’ business meeting (participation by invitation).
  • The Lisbon International Arctic Conference & Workshop in 24 November 2023 (tbc).
  • The theme of Arctic Yearbook 2023 is “Arctic Indigenous Peoples: Climate, Science, Knowledge and Governance” - the deadline for Call for Abstracts 15 March 2023, and that for draft papers 15 June 2023 (see, The launch of AY 2023 in November.