Arctic Yearbook 2022 Published

The newly released Arctic Yearbook 2022 explores the theme “The Russian Arctic: Economics, Politics & Peoples.” This theme was chosen prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as understanding the Russian Arctic has always been a critical component of understanding Arctic affairs. It’s even more important today.

This year’s edition contains 18 peer-reviewed articles as well as 9 commentaries and briefing notes from scholars across the globe. In the face of impeded diplomatic relations, AY2022 aims to provide timely, informed scholarship on the Russian Arctic while offering a platform for continued knowledge transfer between Russian and non-Russian scholars.

Arctic Yearbook 2022, edited by Lassi Heininen, Heather Exner-Pirot & Justin Barnes, includes four thematic sections:

  • Section I: People, Art, and Culture

  • Section II: Climate, Society and Development

  • Section III: Chinese – Russian Cooperation

  • Section IV: Russia around the World

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