VII Lisbon International Arctic Workshop and Conference

On December 13, the VII Lisbon Arctic International Workshop and Conference will be held at ISCSP, University of Lisbon.

The event will bring the debate over the future of the Arctic region to the Institute of Social and Political Sciences, and the theme will be “And if the Arctic Region could speak? Multidimensional security changes in the Arctic – Global Geopolitics and Geostrategy”.

In Politics, the 2019 agenda witnessed several ‘climate strikes’ as well as unexpected and unsuspected speakers. While the planet witnessed the UN ‘offering’ itself to promote a new ideology and acting as a global stage where claiming for action in support of climate security and defense seemed to be the solution for everything, actors kept their focus on self-interest and objectives.  In the Arctic Region, formal speeches stress cooperation in environmental risk mitigation associated to climate change, but action keep space and resources in focus.

These changes have Power, Military, Security (in its broadest sense), Geopolitics, Geostrategy and Geo-economics, Foreign Policy, International Law, Cooperation, Globalization, Governance and Resilience as their core.

Therefore, what to expect for the future? And what if the Arctic Region could speak?...