Calotte Academy

From Scholars’ Journey to the North into a School of Dialogue - History of Calotte Academy lassih Fri, 05/28/2021 - 16:47
This is the first version of a written Calotte Academy’s history, the completed version will be published in autumn 2021 as a part of the “Selected Articles from Calotte Academy” book.

Environmental challenges on Kola Peninsula

Two weeks ago I joined this year's edition of the annual traveling symposium Calotte Academy. It was already my fourth participation in this event. The Calotte Academy is a great venue to discuss ongoing research of the participants. One of the characteristics that makes it so grand is that there is plenty of time reserved for discussions, putting the participants presentations a little bit into the background. This is a refreshing alternative to conferences, where usually only very limited time is available to discuss the findings of the presenters.